Intuitive Guidance/Holistic Life Coaching

Intuitive Guidance/Holistic Life Coaching


"Intuition is a guidance system that each and every one of us has.  It is the way in which your soul – also called the Inner Being or Higher Self – communicates with you." It is  your GPS through  life. All that you need to do is step outside of your mind and allow the knowing to come forth.

This is what Shanti works on with one on one with you, or couples, or even groups. Through personal interactions,  streaming information from her higher self on whatever topic is discussed during the session. Intuitive guidance comes from the place of pure connection and pure knowing. Shanti also uses energy work, mediation techniques and direct conversation and interaction to bring forth and activate the knowing. So you yourself arrive at conclusions and decision  making.

These sessions are not meant to give you direct answers to your questions, they are meant to align you with your own knowing. These guidance sessions are like a push to activate your own GPS system and reveal your highest potential.

She will not tell you which job your should work or if this partner is for you, but she will align you with the place within you that your own knowing will become known. You simply have to allow. 

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