Anti-aging Eye Care With Neroli

Anti-aging Eye Care With Neroli

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5ml of this anti-age care oil will have you looking years younger!

This lightweight eye oil is very aromatic and absorbs quickly. It will reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes. Essential oils of rose geranium, neroli, rosewood and carrot in the nourishing base or organic argan and rosehips seed will work hard at keeping your skin around the delicate eye area healthy naturally.


Directions: Shake gently before each use. Apply 1to 2 drops of oil to your fingers and dab it around the eyes. Do not aply to eyelids. Use morning and evening. Do not get into the eyes. Flush for 15 minutes if oil gets into the eyes. Store oil away from sunlight and heat.

Ingredients: Organic argan oil, organic rosehip seed oil,  organic tamanu oil, essential oils synergy, vitamin E.

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