You are Omnipresent


We all get our share of density in which we reside on this plane. We have density at work, home, everywhere we go; either its a work situation, or home situation, or illness, you name it, anything that just plainly does not feel good. And we are literally swimming in it on daily basis, Some are up to their necks in the density. However what distinguishes one from another is how ONE DEALS with the density, Cause frankly, my friends, its not going to get much lighter. It is getting denser and denser for the truth to become VISIBLE and TANGIBLE.
What is essential for all of us is to stay aligned with the highest version of ourselves. Weather you perceive yourself in another dimensions and multidimensional aspects of your self or not it is doable. Aligning with the goodness in your heart and knowing that you are so much more than this reality. You are all of it. You are omnipresence.
That knowing and that faith and that alignment with your TRUE SELF,the highest vibrational version of you .
And if all this vibration and dimensional talk doe snot make sense to you, then simply put, descend into your heart space, there is not reaction there to the outside word, there is peace and truth the kind of platform that is so needed here on our planet to live out from.
Platform of knowing that you , yes you alone, can raise the vibration by simply living in your heart and aligning with the highest version of yourself. This is, my friends, is your free will choice. Choose goodness, choose LOVE, choose you at the SOURCE.

That is your escape from the density of this reality. NARNIA IS IN YOUR HEART SPACE, IT IS YOU AT SOURCE.

And if you are seeking assistance with reconnecting with your true self. I am here to assist. 

And as I write this post the time is of course 11:44 

peace and love,



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