You are “Supreme Spiritual Creation”

You are “supreme spiritual creation” – awaken into the truth 

Why we keep coming here to this density and this dimension and this reality ? So we can climb out of the circle that we keep going around called Karma . For each corrected wrong doing we do more wrong over and over again slowing down our process of climbing upward toward reunion with the Source. This mess we are in is called Free Will and enjoying the pleasures of this world ! God – source doesn’t interfere , it allows us -its children- make our mistakes! And learn from them . And it is these countless lifetimes that allow just that and so much more: lifetime after lifetime, baby step by baby step we get closer to the truth that has always remained and dwelled and burned like eternal fire within us as the spark of light in the darkness of amnesia! Love !
We must resist being sucked into into the density and lure of human existence! We must rise above the human challenge ! It is Most challenging task we keep coming here to master! And once we overcome it , we become masterful ! We get to go home ! Cause we chose to step into love . Cause where there is LOVe there is no negative Karma ! We get to become one with source again ! Homecoming at its most precious essence of all – LOve 

And the chaos and the absence of love right now on our planet showing up to show us to which level we as humanity have sunk and what it will take to climb up the evolutionary ladder !
The solution and way out is within us . It is called LOve ! It is truly love that can save us all! If we all stepped into it . If we all connected with the Source with our creator with our soul !
So let us rise above the chaos in the world and dive deep Into the light of Love within each of us !

Blessings of the light

You are “supreme spiritual creation”


Deanna AvakumovaComment