Divine human in the making

There is nothing to forgive for
In Divine Human experience !

At the core I am you and you are me. At the core we are Oneness! Let’s embrace the truth and live and love in harmony and realization that we are all brothers and sisters in light. Pure consciousness experiencing itself through you and me and all that you see around plants, water, rocks, animals , insects…. From such deep realization you can only feel respect and understanding for another’s experience. And as separate from you that experience seems to be – in truth it is still You who’s is experiencing the I.

From this platform of realization and grand awareness and true awakening our human experience becomes Divine Human Experience. Your perception of this reality shifts you step outside of victim mode once and for all.
You forgive and let go with no effort , ands even further you realize that there is Nothing to forgive for!

For it is you within all!

With this realization conflict stops. Conflict within your family and relationships and within the HUMAN FAMILY THAT WE ARE. So if your awareness is there, you have a greater responsibility to to be the WAYSHOWER, for you are DIVINE HUMAN! Lead they way into kindness, compassion, understanding and most of all LOVE 

Lovelight to all that I am. For I am you and you are me 

I Am WE 


Deanna AvakumovaComment