Releasing and Letting Go

 whole lot of releasing is going around. Just remember - Your human experience is not who you are. Do not form attachments to it. The act of letting go, is moment when you get in touch who you truly are. In letting go, you are I AM <3
In letting go and allowing and observing and being the loving space for the release of the densities out of our cellular memory out of your DNA out of your physical form you are fascinating the greatest shift of all times.

Embrace your metamorphosis, your transformation, embrace the change. Do not complain to yourself or others, do not judge what you are feeling.

Feel it, accept it, let it go, and breathe in and out knowing that are you are here to CHANGE THE WORLD THROUGH CHANGING YOURSELF. You are here to live in truth to rediscover the truth and to become it.

My dear friends, we are here experiecing this all together and playing important roles in our own unique way.

Do not be sad about your sadness, or angry about the anger arising from within. Surrender your emotions to YOUR LOVE.

Blessings be and stay aligned with the goodness with joy with love and watch those thoughts for each thought is YOUR CREATION.





Deanna AvakumovaComment