Technique for transmuting and transforming negative emotions

Technique for transmuting and transforming negative emotions ! 
I want to share this technique that was handed down to me by my Awareness, by my highest self last year! 
Here is the story about that ! I use this technique with clients who come for coaching/guidance . But I learned this technique cause that’s what happened. 
So here I was making my daily oatmeal breakfast and out of the blue like a lightening on the clear day comes anger ! I was totally caught off guard for I haven’t felt that feeling for a long while up until that moment. I continued stirring my oats and Just being with it hoping it will pass . It only got stronger and stronger. I knew what was behind the anger and why it was coming up - it wanted to leave and be transformed but as I got caught up in it it couldn’t get fully released . Being caught up in it is when you are all emotional about it and wondering “what the f..... is going on “ . 
So then I finally ( seriously it took me like moments to put that spoon Down ) put the spoon down, centered myself , focused on my breath and started doing who have always done and taught others is to send love and light to the feeling I was feeling . But guess what - it wasn’t working. I remained in my observer , mindfulness , awareness mode - yes all of it . Watching myself feeling all I was feeling and being now extra distraught cause it wasn’t working what has always had before . I realized I was dealing with something very very deep and old from life times passed with the same soul ! 
Ans then it came . My awareness spoke ! It said : open your arms and now give it a good old hug ! A real hug . Hug your anger now like you hug your child with asthma when he is not well “! I followed all word by word feeling nothing but pure love for my anger and hugging and holding it in my loving embrace. Within seconds of time it was gone . Completely transmuted and transformed into brilliant light that I witnessed!

And since then I have presenting this technique to all those who are willing to bring awareness in when they are feeling any negative emotions towards anything or anyone! This step is crucial in successfully helping and Healing yourself and therefore humanity . For you are humanity !

You must first recognize your emotion, accept it as it is - do not judge yourself for feeling it, and then you hug it just hug it with all you got and as you hug it you are calm with it allowing it transformation and transmutation! And from this place of accepting love the insighy to the emotion can be investigated and learned and become known to you so you can deal with whatever it is you need to solve . 
I trust this will come useful to you for we are all shedding so much now. And many emotions will be coming to the surface so you can step into your Alchemist!

Blessings be


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