How spiritual are you? Or is it Spiritual Ego

Self test on how really spiritually awakened and self realized are you? Or are you simply trapped in spiritual EGO.
When you are in the privacy of your own space within your family unit or close friends and so forth, or even within the privacy of texting or emailing, and you are being pushed and you are up against the wall : either your kids are pushing your buttons or your spouse saying thing that are not of your liking - how do you RESPOND to it.?
Do you resort to your primal instinct and lash out at them and say hurtful things back and raise your voice and loose your temper, or can you honestly tell that you remain calm, centered and choose the higher path of higher consciousness. 
These are essential questions that any one who is on the conscious spiritual journey (this human experience is spiritual journey, just unconscious for many) needs to ask themselves. Look truth in the eye and stay in your integrity, that is one of most valuable aspects of spiritual Growth. This right here can show you exactly where you stand in your journey! How others act is there test, how you respond is YOURS.

Blessings be


Deanna AvakumovaComment