Messages from I AM

Messages from I AM <3

Whatever it is, it is not worthy of your judgement and heartache... it is only worthy of your LOVE. 
Whatever it is that is coming AT you, it is here FOR you. You are simply to love it. You might say, how I can LOVE something that hurts so much, and WE say, because you CAN. 
It is a CHOICE. FREE WILL CHOICE. Send love and light to all that hurts you. Thus transmuting it fully, each time you do it. 
This does not mean stay where it hurts and allow any disrespect to your being. It simply means, recognizing that it is here to serve you, to show you what is yet to be learned and recognized and be transmuted and transformed. That is the reason for the TIME that exists here in this reality that is the reason for your being here - to TRANSFORM while in human form, for transformation is a natural process of life, death and rebirth.
Thus is Christ Consciousness. This is awakening! This is expanded consciousness.
It is your choice if you choose to cross into higher dimensions into higher states of consciousness into your own AWAKENING into the TRUTH OF YOUR ETERNAL LOVING NATURE.

Don't let the chains of yesterday bind you so tight that you can’t breathe freely, so tightly that you simply can’t inhale LOVE anymore.
See yourself as free and boundless, that is your true nature. 
You are nothing less than AMAZING. 
You are nothing less than LOVE.
You are a Divine Human birthing its way through the challenges of your human experience.
You are so loved, dear one.

Deanna AvakumovaComment