Connecting with I AM

Beloved human family I want to share with you what my I AM handed down to me few minutes ago . It is essential that I share this with you. The message came in 3;33 and then followed by phone call that left a message tha was 33 sec long, followed by another manifestation of 3;33. All three within the 3:33pm. So here it goes in service to I AM WITHIN I AM .

“I AM “ - these are most powerful words you can say out loud any time, anywhere to establish conscious connection and alignment with your I AM.

These is most powerful to use whenever you are in any situation where there is any kind of tension , negativity , intense density . This is the main reason I AM sharing this with you to show ways of dispelling and transmuting all which is NOT LOVE.
Whether you are in argument with someone or just witnessing a dense situation calling on your I AM out loud will break through the density of the experience, align you with your highest Self and allows the light to flow between you and your I AM, thus transmuting all which is not Love into the bright light of your I AM! . 
Try it! Any time you are in need of alignment call out "I AM" as many time as you need, slow down your breath and feel it flowing. Feel the connection with your Ego-less Self !

Aside from above, practice this throughout the day outside of any conflict situation. Few times per hour - bring your awareness and go into stillness, simply PAUSE, take a few deep breath (5) and connect by simply saying out loud " AM" and feeling the meaning, and feeling the light and goodness and pure knowing that you are sharing in that Instance of a connection with your I AM ✨

Deanna AvakumovaComment