The place I call home

The place I call Home !

There is a great lightness to your being. There is also great absence of it within you. The illuminated path is not an easy one, but It brings into a place of radiant Love . I speak not of human love that is so often gets mistaken with attachment, neediness and mine mine mine and me me me. This path within you is the greatest descend one will ever make. From head into the heart space. From this achieved heart space expanded consciousness you are the walking radiance that brings light to all that lacks it. From this place you are complete. It is this place that I call home ! 
From this place you create divine human . And truth is known to you :

Cultivate beloved ones gratitude, cultivate your own light - learn to be less reactive to your human experience , choose to respond from the place of higher you !

You are so much more than your human experience - you containing it within all that you are. From this place of knowing - all illusion of love and this experience is dissolved

Blessings from the place of pure love

Deanna AvakumovaComment