Conditional love can get hurt

It takes a lot of “breaking of the heart” to realize that there is no “heart break”.<3

Being vulnerable to love is human conditioning - when you think you can be “hurt “ . Love can not be hurt ! Love can only be love. Conditioned “love “ can be hurt , “love “ with attachments can be hurt , “love” with expectations and assumptions can be hurt ! Unconditional love has no pain or suffering it only knows how to be love ‘ . It knows how to be and to give - and by being that - it is the act of receiving !

So whatever past experiences you had that Made you fear love were only there to set you free !

It is about expanding your consciousness into knowings of who you truly are: are you are a light being that is carrying this physical vessel, or are you incarnate with attachments. It is about making conscious choice within each experience and taking the use of your free will to choosing whether you descend into your heart or stay in you head with your attachments, expectations and assumptions. For your heart knows the truth. You have to learn to decipher and discern

Blessings from the place of PURE love

Deanna AvakumovaComment