Cosmic Tantra, Soul Sex

My view on sex: Cosmic tantric union = Sex - is most natural expression of the most genuine soul connections ! It is not a form of "entertainment" or time passing lol, it is a powerful form of loving creation being expressed in most of the sacred of ways..., and is a "side effect" :) of the soul's reunion.
We have a certain harmonic scale and when you meet other ones that are at your wavelength the magic of the new reality unfolds. When soul from the same soul group meet, one finds their light within the other. This is the most sacred of reunions. 
I consider it a true blessing. And I have been so blessed with such joy....

Fulfillment vs. satisfaction !

It is when your whole being is in it and not just your unbalanced root chakra with the human attached to it 🤪 with all its insecurities and possessiveness such as ; mine , mine , mine and fear fear fear ...When you are in it only with your root chakra and not all others - That’s an “un-Whole-y” experience

It’s simply not being Whole !

Deanna Avakumova