Higher dimensions are a thought away

Your passages to higher realms is via the route of your own heart space. You are not your judgements you are not the fear! Let go of all that you are NOT.
Without letting go of judgements, assumptions, expectations. Without cultivating capacity and skill to accept and trust, without letting go of fear that holds you captive and prevents you from doing what is in your highest good, without surrender and trusting your own heart - without all that you can’t lift your vibration and align with the higher dimensional reality - reality that is the vibration of love and joy and gratitude. Only by making such conscious choices with each thought and word and deed will you master such state of being. You can cultivate 5d consciousness while your physical body is here in the density of the 3D. And as you master that your 3d reality will shift into reality where you flow with ease and grace cause you have committed to Love vibration and joy, rather than the vibration of Fear which is the ruling Hand here on this planet in this dimension.
Dimensions are not locations they are vibration - they are a thought away .
I call on all who are listening who are reading this to all who dwell in fear and know it - step up to your role - your role is to help yourself to heal thyself by turning to loving vibration . Do not be harsh with yourself and others , do not overthink anything - it’s a trap . Descend into heart space and let go of all that no longer serves you such as fear , resentments, judgements . Stop worrying that others judge you , and stop judging others . And if you choose to judge then judge from the place of love.
It is love that heals and hurt that separates !

Deanna Avakumova