Do not go back to sleep.

Do not go back to sleep ! Without living in your integrity to self you are living outside of your highest potential !

So many different aspects of our true origin are here on this planet as incarnates traveling through this human experience for the sake of spiritual evolution. We are all here as God that we are experiencing the conceptual aspects of Self! Participating in this Human project to experience Free Will! Each soul has its own agenda with is of course a direct contribution to the agenda of the collective/s. All are ascending in their own way depending on the soul contracts and agreements.... some souls are so “brand new” to the Free will and human experience and they are very much into the density of this dimension we are all residing in. And other souls are so “done” with this duality and density that are so ready to go higher and align fully with the divine will , go into full alignment with the Source . We have lightworkers on this planet ( and although just a small percentage of all the population ). And from that small percentage even less have managed to wake up and step up to their role to assist with the plants going to the light. Why ? Fear! Even light workers are sucked into the fear program , especially fear of not making enough money to support their families or themselves even . Oh I know - I have been there. As a light worker you have been activated , the code is in your DNA - why are you still ignoring the call! Are you feeling that you are stuck , are you feeling that you have some greater purpose than just going to work and loving every day life : family , work, holidays , vacations ..... are you feeling that you reached a “ceiling “ and you want to go higher but you can’t! These are all signs ! Pay attention .
Do not ignore . Do not close your eyes and stay in your comfort zone . Do not go back to sleep ! Ignorance is Not bliss !
To all those who know they are ready to step out of the density of their own mind and creation and density of their karmic creations and experiences - do your Self work ! Commitment to waking up and staying awake by choices you are making every single moment! One moment is a lifetime ! You have no time to waste any more ! It’s essential that you step up to your responsibility and leave fear for good ! Step into acceptance , letting go and love . Step into your integrity - without integrity to self you are living outside of your highest potential !
And if you are lost then seek assistance of the light workers who are working with the true light cause they have managed to wake up and stay awake !
I am here to assist ! Hand is reached out - you just have to grab it !
Blessings of the true light !

Deanna Avakumova