I get many questions about relationships of romantic kind. How to find true love and how to have a long lasting relationships and so forth. And most of all why didnt it work out? 
This is my take on this subject and I approach it from the place of unconditional love and love for the evolution of the soul that I am , that we are.

There is not relationship that has failed. It only "fails" in your perception cause it did not meet your EXPECTATIONS OF THE FINAL RESULT OF OUTCOME. When you enter relationship so many, majority, most of people enter it from the place of "what can I GET OUT of this relationship", rather than "what can I give or contribute" - see we just aligned with the unconditional love.

It is so many out there that have strong attachments to their idea of how things should be to meet your expectations.
Where in my book is each relationship I am in is amazing contribution to getting to know WHO I AM on experiential level. I know who i am in conceptual understanding. I know I am GOD EXPERIENCING ITSELF, cause that is the knowing that I harbor within, for it is THE TRUTH. the only truth I am truly aware of and dwell in permanently at all times. THAT IS MY HIGHEST THOUGHT ABOUT MYSELF.

So in one sentence why relationship fail, cause you entered them for the "wrong" reason. You have entered it with EXPECTATIONS, JUDGMENTS AND ASSUMPTIONS. Rather than a place of pure heart. Yes you had attraction and sparks were bam bam boom boom all around and it is all magical and passion is GOD in you. 
SO I say hang on to your passion, let go of expectations and assumptions and judgments (major self work here) and enjoy getting to know yourself, cause really who are we without relationships, without them we do not exist, for it is only through the relationships and events and places that you can even EXIST in the universe.

So flow in your relationships and stay in your integrity be true to yourself, you can only live up to YOU, for when you are trying to live up to expectations of others, you just forgotten who you TRULY ARE.

I hope this helps




Deanna AvakumovaComment