Sex in higher consciousness

 Sex within higher consciousness <3 I am "SOULSEXUAL" <3
I have been contemplating on sex lately and it’s sacredness or the lack of it ! It’s holiness or the lack of thereof ! There is so much judgment goes on still in our society about sex! From many religious views sex outside of need to procreate is viewed as “unholy” . In one of the books “Conversations with God” it was put so nicely! And it was In such complete resonance with me when I read it last year and was total match at what I have arrived from my own contemplations and conversations with Source ! 
The only tile sex is “unholy” when Whole you is not in it . When all of your being isn’t in it . When you are in it only with your root chakra and not all others . That’s an “un-Whole-y” experience . It’s not being Whole !

Those who choose to renounce sex for the sake of being elevated - well that’s their choice ! 
And those who choose to have sex operating from the root chakra alone- well that’s their free will choice - but they are missing the most glorious part of the experience! 
Whatever you are doing ; having sex or taking a walk in the park - engage all of you ! How can that Ever be unholy experience when the whole you is in it ! Raise consciousness wherever you are <3
Good vibes 🤙🏻✌🏼🙏🏻🖖
Stay Whole ! 
Raise your consciousness in whatever it is you are doing 

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