MY LOVE IS NOT FLUFFY, MY LOVE IS POWERFUL. it is a reality check.

MY LOVE IS NOT FLUFFY, MY LOVE IS POWERFUL. it is a reality check.

Please love from the place of your highest. From the place of masterful. Please love any way you know how to stay in love vibration.

No challenge in this reality will pull me out of highest way of life - which is being more heart and anchoring pure love: that encompasses respect, fear free being, understanding, compassion, free of jealousy, envy, competition, separation, ego free way of being, no judgement and most of all capacity to let go and be the loving space for the unfolding while standing in my power of God that I Am ! Unconditional love means not that I accept disrespect and lies and all which is non truth. Unconditional love means not that I am gentle. It is quiet the opposite.

Unconditional love is a RELIATY CHECK.
I am the Pleiadian way of Living! I am living in my I AM Presence .There is no separation between me and all that I AM!

And I know and fully aware that my way of being and living scares many, and shocks them and even threatens them and activates them and makes them shed the shadow self within as it comes up for them to witness it, but can they handle it?. They will judge me and attack me even for they are threatened and in fear and attachments and illusion !
Yes , it can be mind boggling to perceive and experience THE REAL KIND OF LOVE. Some do not even know what LOVE is, but really know what the ILLUSION OF IT is.

It took me years to arrive at where I am IN TRUE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, THE UNWEAVERING KIND, and now I am living it, anchoring it, being it. Regardless what you are to me, I LOVE YOU , and that is the truth. For I know who I AM and who you are. I see you ❤

MY love is not fluffy, my love is POWERFUL

Please be more heart today♥ that is the best thing you will do for yourself and for all that THERE IS

Deanna AvakumovaComment