Light is unbreakable

LIGHT IS - unbreakable

For those who are going through the "dark tunnel "these days: Know that your attitude toward where you are and the challenge you are experiencing can determine how fast you get to that "light at the end of the tunnel" - AS THE expression goes. But a friendly reminder the light is not only at the end of the tunnel, IT IS ALL AROUND YOU, IT IS WITHIN YOU.
Do not get sucked into the density of the challenge. Whether it is a severe pain or total sleep deprivation, or a flu, or cancer...or death of the loved one.., or a relationship issues... whatever it is...
Be the loving space for your challenge - THATS THE LIGHT, I AM SPEAKING OF, be more heart for yourself and most of all, raise above the static noise as you work your way through the shadow of the tunnel. As you become the loving space for the unfolding you are in, then bigger picture is known.

These situations present themselves to us so we can raise above them, not to identify with them.
You are beyond your human experience. YOU are the light for your human experience..

Blessings, dear ones.

Be strong, be more heart
and always

Deanna AvakumovaComment