Healing Emotional Body

Healing your emotional body! You hold the key!

You are not who you were a second ago, you are always becoming, surrender your defenses, submit to LOVE <3

What is our purpose in life? Our purpose in life is to expand. Expand in consciousness! Our purpose in life is to expand and evolve in consciousness as you go through the human experience. We are here to simply discover OURSELF AND REMEMBER. We are here to find out who we are through different perspectives, perspectives that lead us to expansion of consciousness.

How do we do it?
Whenever you are not yourself, whenever you are not following your inner truth and integrity and instead trying to please someone or trying to mold yourself into something you are not, you are denying the true expression of the source.
You are here healing your emotional body.
The only painful emotions that get healed are the ones that you are allowing to feel. The ones you are done judging. The ones you are not afraid to be vulnerable for. Let go of fear, judgment, and assumption and FEEL your way through this human experience.

Offer a listening ear to the emotions that are arising. They are coming up in order to be transmuted. This is part of transformation process and evolution. Do not judge emotions, they are here to guide you into surrender, acceptance, love and forgiveness.
Be the loving parent for your emotions. Do not push them away as something unwanted and rejected. Without this, peace cannot be achieved. By becoming the loving space and listening to what they have to say you are offering them LOVE and TRUE LIGHT THAT IS INNER YOU that was so needed and was missing.

Only you can offer that in HERE AND NOW as it is arising. Step outside of judgement of what is arising from within and simply experience it and let it go.
This is the path to liberation of emotional body.

And when you emotional body is healed.

That is bliss.

Living, loving, being

Shanti <3

Deanna AvakumovaComment