Massage of love to raise above the noise

When it rains it pours....

You are living through a time of urgency. This is not the time to panic and fall into despair for this massage is for you to answer the call of the divine within, to promote your change and inspire you to act on the behalf of the light and love. For achieving higher consciousness- raising in vibration is the path to your smooth sailing through this ascension process that all of humanity is going through.

You see dear one, much is not as it seems to you, much is not as you perceive it with your naked eye, some of you are capable of great visions and transmissions from your galactic friends and family, those who are capable of that have managed to raise their vibrational frequency and learned to align with LOVE.

Earth is undergoing a shift and you are going through a change of a life time as never before. You are all rising into light dear ones, but many of you are still in resistance and still in the deepest states of sleep and unawareness.

It is understood that the density on this planet, the composition of this atmosphere creates all the conditions necessary for the negativity to prevail, but what is asked of you is to open your eyes wider, to open your hearts wider, to embrace the truth that you are here to bring about the change and you are here to morph completely into a very special being, the kind of being that recognizes the light within, the kind of being that serves the light within, the kind of being that is aligned with the goodness and the Godhood.

What is it that you are lacking dear ones, what is it that you have not enough of, what is it that you are craving, and what is it that you simply can’t put your finger on? That is the part that needs evolving. That is the part that is craving to reunite with the essence of your Light, that is the part that is changing and morphing and as the change occurs much seems to crumble away from you, pain arises as physical, emotional, anxiety, depression and confusion.

Know, dear ones that this is necessary for you are evolving, you are being remade, and your DNA strands are changing as you are reading this message of love.

You might be confused on what is going on, and you are supported in your confusion - clarity you seek? Much of what is happening is happening for the highest and greatest good of all, for it is according to the Divine will.

"We" bearers of light, serve the light.

You, bearers of light, who do you serve? Do you serve your needs, or do you serve in the name of LOVE? To serve in the name of love is to serve the callings of your heart. Your heart center is your salvation. The heart center is the path to your wellbeing and wellbeing of all, your heart center is your eternal flame and this is the place where you meet the source, the prime creator.

The density of your environment created a huge challenge for you to cross into the land of light. When we say land of light, we are referring to your ability and capacity to connect with WITHIN, to connect with the being that is calling upon you, to connect with the Divine Truth.

Much of your focus is directed to the external and it takes you away from what is essential. This constant separation between WITHIN AND WITHOUT, creates that friction and creates the chaos that you see around you everywhere you look.

Purpose is not to offer you preaching - divine purpose is to bring your awareness to surface, to realize that despite the density of your planet, you can rise above that density, by simply coming to that agreement with yourself and deep understanding that the Light of the Source, that the Light of the Source is here to set your free, and it has always been here within you. It is that eternal flame in the center of your chest that is always ready to make that leap of faith into the unknown in the name of Love.

Support is offered every step of the way on your amazing journey of evolution that you are all undergoing now.
And as different as it is, galactic families and guides are with you, for "we are with you and you are us" and observing you and helping and assisting you with this move into higher dimensions and higher consciousness.

But do fix your radars and focus them on the callings of your heart, do not allow the density of your thoughts to derail you from the truth that is calling up on you.

If you choose to follow that, you drop density, for you aligned with your truth, you have aligned with SOURCE within.

Shanti, with loving light and love

Deanna Avakumova