Transitioning and Ascension Path


Take all that is coming to you that is coming for you with the embrace of the divine love and divine perspective of your own highest awareness.
Many are experiencing very rough times now emotionally for different reasons or what seems for no reason.
Also, many are experiencing their loved ones choosing to exit this reality by the ways of their choosing! Emphasis on CHOOSING TO EXIT.

All is being purged, the timeline of illusion is ended and we are standing at the gateway of personal quest and self-realizations to step outside of 3D consciousness outside of ego mind and step fully into the heart space of understanding and compassion for yourself and all that there is- shifting into the highest available for us.

Know that to lift higher with ease and grace takes awareness and commitment to letting go, forgiving all that is in need of that and accepting your ascension path.

Each path is unique but none of you are alone in it. We are all in this together with the assistance of our galactic and divine sisters and brothers transitioning into new divine paradigm of our evolution and evolution of all that there is.

Yes it is not easy, yes it is very challenging for the density of our physical vehicle to endure these grand waves of light that are recalibrating each of us, changing us from within, but for change to take place all that is dense must transmute so you can lift higher and achieve lightness to your being so you can lift.

Yes, it is a painful experience to see loved ones transition. But please see all from perspective of the divine as you remain in your human vehicle.

Know that there is no end after death- only transition into another state of being! And by choosing the perspective of the divine each time you are missing someone send light and send love to the missing person who chose to exit and blessings.

As you choose to do that each time you will feel lighter and each time you send light and love to any painful experience- you are transmuting your pain and the pain of all those who are hurting with you!

Choose to step outside of the painful experience, choose to step into the downpour of the divine light that is here assisting you in here and now as you are shifting in your body, mind and spirit into higher alignment with the divine source.

Any resistance to this unfolding into new higher dimensional reality and consciousness will not go unnoticed by you. It manifests as anger, rage, irritability and so on. Simply let go and ALLOW your ascension to take place.

Your RESISTANCE makes it more painful for yourself and others as we stand in one unity consciousness "bounded" in your own free will

Beloved ones, stay in the light of the divine- in the light of your own higher self that is one with the SOURCE undivided!


Blessings of the light to all of you, and may you find strength and will power in your commitment to the light at all times!



Deanna Avakumova