Satisfaction VS. Fullfilment. Attachement Vs. Love

Unconditional Love and fulfillment vs. attachments/satisfaction
This is one of my most fave topics to discuss! And most common reason for suffering too :)
It took me a lifetime to fully understand the above and truly know the discern the difference between the former and the latter. Love - an unmeasurable force that is permeating through and encompasses all. Love is consciousness ! It’s alive , breathing and moving! It’s highly intelligent and yet so very accepting and lacks any judgment! Love is who you can actually consciously become ! And I don’t mean love the - the fairy tale like story or soothing fluffy and light ! I mean love - the kind that is not afraid to be and live it’s truth , the kind of love that stands up in its integrity at all times in the times of adversity personal or global, the kind of love that is not afraid to be tough when it is needed Without worry how it will be perceived ! The kind of love that is here to anchor that truth ! Which be true to your highest self for your highest self doesn’t seek attachments, satisfaction , approval , recognition - your highest self seeks Truth - the kind of truth that aims at bringing you to the place of your true Belonging - full connection to the source and alignment with your highest form of will ! Why I started this writing is to say it again that love contains no attachments . Attachments - the game of the lower self aspects of your highest potential ! As love you can embrace that which no longer serves you , like attachments , to then consciously let go of them . Human vs Divine . : what we seek is Divine Human a perfect balance between the two so to speak - the best of two in one ! This truly is conscious work ! Being aware of your thoughts , words and most of all actions - what are you acting out of - out of your lower self or higher self ! What is it that you are seeking satisfaction of the body and ego or fulfillment of the soul via clear heart space. Attachments are rooted in fear ! Love is not ! Love is free and it is always aware! Attachments are very powerful mechanism to keep the free spirit trapped ! But as masterful that you are you are at free will to consciously let it go ! But it must be truly recognized , acknowledged , faced and embraces and then let it go without any judgment ! For example love making / relationship is the most potent example of satisfaction vs. fulfillment and love. Vs attachments . When u are in relationship why are you in it ? And be really honest with yourself - the way I see it if you actually have practical reasons why you are in relationship then you know where you stand ? So many do that out of financial reasons or any other practical resolution that rhey seek while their heart is screaming for something else . So many stay out of Guilt ! Others stay out of convenience - all attachments to some level of comfort zone ! How about love making /sex- so many engage in such activity on ongoing basis without having soul connection ! That too is attachment to satisfaction ! But here is the punch line - this is all necessary in order to arrive into the highest ? When you engage in such acts or thoughts and you see it doesn’t resonate with you - have the power to stand in your highest truth to you and act upon it . Whatever that highest truth is for you . But I feel it’s safe to say the highest truth for each of us is integrity with self regardless of all else !
All here is serving us, but can you recognize it and stand in the power of your soul connection, and follow the call of your highest into your fulfillment, as the attachments and satisfactions serve their purpose in teaching you and showing where you want or not want to be.

It is about who you are isn it?

Deanna Avakumova