Meditation is not optional, it is mandatory

Silence speaks beloved one. It gains strength in its solitude, as it gathers momentum to break down all barriers of separation when it gently strikes with its loving embraces of harbored wisdom within. This wisdom is gained by silencing your chatter, by quieting what speaks to you, but you are not the one doing the talking!

Meditation is not optional it is mandatory!

It is not needed for you to seek seclusion as much as it is needed for you to go into silence regardless of your physical surroundings and event, and connecting with the eternal flow of goodness, and allowing yourself to be submerged fully in its vibration of LOVE.

Any situation that brings you disharmony, fall into the LOVING space of your own silenced peace. And fill your vessel with its lightness and diffuse what is not.

Blessings of the true light !

Shanti ❤️

Deanna Avakumova