Allow your own life

Allow what life wants you to receive! But first, you must get out of perception that you are a victim of life. Achieve master-hood of your own thoughts. Be in control of your thoughts, try it, it is not hard to do. And the sooner you gain that control over the quality of your thoughts the sooner you get out of the "victim" role as in "why this is happening to me" and the greater your vibration becomes and the greater vibration you attract from that place of being.

Don't let the chains of yesterday bind you so tight that you can’t breathe freely, so tightly that you simply can’t inhale LOVE any more.

See yourself as free and boundless that is your true nature. 

You are nothing less than AMAZING.

You are nothing less than LOVE.

You are Divine Human birthing its way through the challenges of your human experience.

You are so loved, dear one.

Deanna Avakumova