Anti-Cellulite Massage Oil

Anti-Cellulite Massage Oil


4 ounces of this anti-cellulite blend perfect for flabby arms, puffy ankles, puffy knees, droopy back-side, excessive belly fat.

Since Cellulite is fat deposits in the tissue that holds toxins and extra fluids, then regular massage with essential oils for cellulite can help to increase your circulation and flush out the toxins. Essential oil synergy that is detoxifying and stimulating to the limphatic system is of essence. It can smooth the lumpy appearance of the skin and help you rid of toxins and increase circulation. This can help to eliminate toxins, break up fatty deposits and encourage the proper dispersal or stagnant waste.

However do not hope for the over-night results, you will need patience and persistence for this to work. This must also go hand-in-hand with a work out routine and a healthy diet that includes plenty of raw fruit and veggies and water. Must use at least once a day. Ideally twice a day, massaging in circular motion.

Use: Shake gently before each use. Pour a small amount to the area and massage it in using circular motion. Store in a cool, dark and dry place. Do not get into eyes.

Ingredients: organic grapeseed oil, organic wheat germ oil, essential oils of rosemary, geranium, juniper, lemongrass, grapefruit, fennel, black-pepper, vitamin E.

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