Menopause Whole Body Relief Massage Oil #2

Menopause Whole Body Relief Massage Oil #2


4 ounces of Menopause Relief Whole Body Massage Oil for irritability/mood swings/sexual drive.

During menopause a woman can experience emotional disturbances from anxiety to decrease in self-esteem. This body oil is formulated with essential oils that have balancing effect on the mind and body. Using this oily twice a day every day and while taking a bath can bring about the relief you are seeking. It will help with irritability, mood swings and increase your sex drive due to aphrodisiac reputation of the essential oils in this formulation.

Use: Shake before each use. Apply a pump to you hand and massage into your skin. Use daily, once or twice a day. Store away from sunlight and heat.

Ingredients: organic argan oil, organic evening primrose oil, esseential oils of rose, geranium, palo-santo, roman chamomile, lavender, jasmine, ylang-ylang, vitamin E. 

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