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“There is a place where you can go, where mercy lives. It is a place where you feel your heartbeat.  In this place you hold on to love. This is the place where I shall meet you.” – I AM.



Shanti, spiritual catalyst and teacher, in her second book of messages to humanity offers new insights and practical advice received via data streaming from  “I AM” with the purpose to facilitate the ascension process, by activating your hidden potentials, assisting readers to realize the SELF power and assist in releasing emotions and feelings of victim-hood or powerlessness, so you can step into INNATE ABILITY to co-create new reality. This book is a tool that teaches you to STEP OUT OF FEAR AND INTO LOVE, for it is “Love that heals.”

These channeled messages are for assisting the reader to finding new ways to step into a new capacity to greet earthly 3D challenges with the perspective of higher consciousness, thus transforming this human experience.  We as humanity, are faced with major challenges and changes that are here (Ascension), and this book is a valuable tool to guide you through this inevitable ascension process.

Blessings be.