Intuitive Energy Healing Massage

Intuitive Energy Healing Massage


Massage is the art of appreciating and learning self-care. You deserve it! Breathe in deeply to get out of your mind and into your body. 

These sessions are up to one hour long and are filled with high vibration waves that will lift your in vibration, relax your body, heal pain and release energetic blockages in your system that need to be released. Balance begins right there. The body IS the subconscious mind; it reveals where health is or isn't.

Isn’t it time to start caring for your body as much as you care for everything and everyone else that’s important in your world? Pain is a great teacher and also a brilliant messenger. Relief is possible!

Shanti uses essential oils, energy work and her intuition to bring about well being to your whole being! Sign-up for your session today!



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