Conditioning/Nourishing Oil For Dry and Brittle Hair

Conditioning/Nourishing Oil For Dry and Brittle Hair


One ounce of this gentle formulation is made for dry/brittle/fragile hair that has been exposed to color and chemicals. Using this intensive serum on daily basis will restore luster and life to your hair. Also can be used once a week for deep conditioning, on split ends during drying, as a leave-in-conditioner without leaving an oily residue.

Use: Shake before each use. Depending on the type of treatment, use the following: deep conditioning - massage oil into the scalp, covering hair, cover with plastic cap and warm towel and leave on for at least 2 hours, better yet - the whole night. Leave-in conditioner - apply a few drops to the hair and leave it on, apply before blow drying the hair. 

Ingredients:  organic argan oil, organic evening primrose oil, organic wheat germ oil, organic sesame seed oil, essential oils of rosewood, sandalwood, chamomile, carrot, vitamin E. 

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