Masculine Deodorant

Masculine Deodorant


Each deodorant is personally customized. Simply send an email to to request your preferred essential oil to infuse!

Masculine note choices:

Sandalwood, bergamot, vanilla, vetiver, frankincense, pachouli, pine, palo santo

Perspiring is a natural function that benefits! However, the side effect can be somewhat unpleasant. Essential oils do not completely eliminate the perspiration or the order, but can effectively help decrease it. It is the healthiest choice, unlike conventional anti-perspirant aluminum base deodorants. 

Our essential oils are diluted in the base of organic witch hazel extract (witch-hazel and alcohol). Witch-hazel extract constricts skin pores and thus reduces excessive sweat formation too. Your body will still be allowed to perspire but you won't feel quite so conscientious about the sweat factor. Astringents control moisture by shrinking your skin's pores and blocking the amount of sweat that breaks through your skin. 

Our deodorants come in 1oz white roll-on container, each one with its distinctive aroma. Choose from the options below!

This product was developed with very gentle, all natural ingredients to be suitable for all skin types. However! Please be sure to test a small amount of product on the inner wrist or elbow for a couple of days before full use, particularly if you have a history of sensitive skin or allergic reactions, and use at your own discretion and wisdom!

How to use: Must apply right after the shower (regardless time of the day, zap bacteria before it spreads). Repeat as needed.

New improved formulation that completely neutralizers order: Ingredients: essential oil synergy, witch hazel extract, lavender hydrosol and baking soda.

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