(Mild) Nail Fungus Treatment Oil

(Mild) Nail Fungus Treatment Oil



If you have ever struggled with candida, you know it can be very difficult to eradicate. Fortunately, there are some essential oils that can help eliminate nail fungus with none of the dangerous side effects seen in numerous medications. This blend is ready-to-use in proportions for highest efficacy.You should start to notice the new growth on the nail growing out pink and healthy again, given your infection is mild. Use this oil three times a day along with the daily nail bath (hand or feet) which is 1:1 part water to vinegar. Moisturize with organic coconut oil only. no other creams.

Directions: Shake gently before each use. Apply to nails 2 to 3 times a day every day, allow about 16 weeks to see results. 

Ingredients: essential oils of tea tree, oregano, thyme, clove, cinnamon, lemon

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