May 6, 2019

I’m so grateful for this cream, I can not use any store brands they don’t feel good on my skin and I break out easily my hands get so dried and cracked really quickly! I was on empty and right on divine time I got two more from the new batch! Thank you Shanti for making amazing products! So if you don’t want to feel like a dried up leaf get yours now! - Laurel

March 6, 2019

“My experience was extremely powerful!! Words can’t express the energy I felt. During my recalibration session I saw my self step out of my old self & heard the words ... she is here ... we are here ... I am here.
I knew I was being supported by my higher self & my guides.
I was able to release old energies that no longer serve me. I have become fully present to each moment with a state of love & gratitude for all that is. My fear has been replaced with an all knowing that everything is exactly the way it is supposed to be. My family can feel my energies higher vibration. Life is a beautiful flow of grace & ease. I have done many different healing modalities, all have been very peaceful yet over time I have always fallen back to my old ways. Recalibration has birthed a new welcomed version of myself.
Shanti is such a warm loving soul.
She is wealth of knowledge & the perfect being to assist your ascension into your highest self. She will guide you every moment & comfort you at all times. I am forever grateful for the gifts she shares with all of us.” Kayla H.

October 30, 2018

“Shanti is amazing, she was able to deliver profound healing and a merging with my higher self through quantum recalibration. This was a very intense process and i feel extremely grateful to the universe for guiding me toward finding her for this task. She really took the time to make sure i was prepared in every way, she cares deeply! Through conversation with her before the procedures i was able to intuitively and synchronisticly find peace within myself in order to make the merging process a success. I had been holding the intention of raising my vibration and the universe delivered so much more than i could have ever imagined! Peace and love forever, namaste” Kenny.

October 27, 2018

‘You’re a great teacher. It has nothing to do with what you know or what you have learned. It is because of how you are the essence of what you communicate.”, Steve.

October 25, 2018

I AM living a life of integrity, for years I have sought to know who I AM and what my purpose was. The program that was instilled in me was a really tough one to rise above. I have been on a life long journey trying to make it on this planet. Since the age of 33 I decided I wanted to stay, I have done extensive MH therapy, spiritual workshops and a multitude of self help programs to change a lot of behaviors and unravel a lot of my conditioning! I was at a place where I couldn’t get any higher or dig any deeper to free myself it was getting challenging, I was divinely guided to Shanti where I learned about Marconics! It immediately resonated with me the more I read the more she explained my mind was blown! I was still a doubter of most energy healing and modalities, so I figured I’d just try the No touch session to see if it made a difference, within two weeks I was having my Recal these were the most intense experiences I’ve ever had! I was able to see myself, feel myself and love myself on a whole new level. The energy that was radiating from my being and light codes I was receiving are almost indescribable. So much changed I started having so many shifts old behaviors resurfaced for the last time so I could let them go with love. Shanti offered me to have I AM Merge after my recal, this magical experience has brought me incredible strength. During my Session my team installed a rod from the back of my head to the bottom of my spine, every time I connect any fears or doubt simply fall away and I anchor into love! Unconditional Love, the love that I AM! My worst day after Marconics is so much brighter than my best day before Marconics! I AM In Gratitude always. - Laural.

September 26, 2018

I only received one Marconics No Touch session from Shanti a few months ago, but that was all it took for me to realize that I needed Recalibration. Now, I’m a week and a half out, and let me tell you, I cannot recommend her enough. From beginning to end, the sessions were wonderful - Shanti makes you feel welcome and safe and truly at home. She truly asks you what you want and need from a session and makes it about YOU. The Recalibration was one of the most intense energy experiences of my life, and its only been just over a week! Still, the session itself was calming and Shanti’s beautiful energy does wonders for the soul, with or without a session (though I highly recommend you get one). She is always there to answer questions and guide you through any experiences you may have after your sessions, and does so with ease and grace and light. I cannot recommend her enough for anyone wanting to experience healing energy; from beginners wanting to jump right in to their journey, to fellow light workers who just need a boost. - Lorene DiToria

September 23, 2018

"Holy moly! I feeelllll amazing. Like the best ever!!!!!!!!! It’s funny I rarely sing but I’ve been singing since the session. Haha"

September 7th, 2018

I had my no touch session on the 8th of this month with this beautiful instrument of divinity we know as Shanti. Words can't do justice to what I experienced and the gratitude I feel for connecting with this amazing lady. I love you Divine Shanti, thank you for everything you are that awakens more of the divinity I AM


September 5, 2018

"I am so grateful for my manifesting of you! It has been such a short time in this physical realm and my biggest transformation of self through self for self has happened with you! I love you so much and appreciate all that you are and where you have come from where you have been! You are so beautiful my lighthouse"



August 8, 2018

I had my no touch session on the 8th of this month with this beautiful instrument of divinity we know as Shanti. Words can't do justice to what I experienced and the gratitude I feel for connecting with this amazing lady. I love you Divine Shanti, thank you for everything you are that awakens more of the divinity I AM


August 5, 2018

"I had Recalibration this weekend and I have to say the experience is much more intense than I ever expected. I have not been very sensitive to other types of energy work so I wasn’t too sure about this. I has a no-touch session first to see if it would resonate with me and I was impressed with the transformation that had occurred after! Now after my almost indescribable intense experience with the Recalibration, it has only been 24 hours since I finished, I have been seeing all kinds of light codes feeling intense vibration through my body and communication with my guides is so clear. I feel as though I’m morphing into another being, the being of my higher self. I am enjoying the ride. Thank you Shanti for your beautiful gift and for sharing it with the world so we can ascend to our highest self and out of this 3D Dimension. You are an incredible being.My thoughts are different the things that are important to me are sooo different and the space between thoughts is much larger than ever before like a magical state of meditation " Lauralee Faria



July 25, 208

"Shanti! Yesterday turned into a magical day... and messages came quickly. as soon as I got into my car to drive away from your house, I got a telemarketing phone call from an energy company :) and then I had a wild experience with crows on the top of a mountain! 
I feel like I could spend an entire day journaling and processing all that has shifted just in this short time frame. Wow! I feel like my awareness has been upgraded and I can see/feel/sense the depth in anything I bring my attention towards. Beautiful unfolding! "



June 27, 2018

I had a recalibration with Shanti the other day. I had no idea what to expect but had been guided to experience a Marconics healing. It was unlike anything I have experienced! I am a long time energy healer myself but this healing dove right to the source. Since the two sessions, I have felt remarkably upgraded. Guidance has been exceptionally clear and I have been able to move forward in my life. I have signed myself up for Marconics I and II training and let go of a healing space that is not in alignment. My teenage son has even shifted into a much better place!! 
I'm certain more potentials will unfold with time. I highly recommend Shanti and her healing. Your life will be accelerated in the most amazing ways!  - Cathy Proctor


May 29th, 2018

What a gift to experience a healing session with Shanti! Such sacred space was held, no judgement, only pure openness. She really cuts through the "facade" that has kept me from connecting more deeply with my essence. If you feel any slight desire to work with Shanti...follow that (because it will end up happening one way or another :)) The time to act is now, life is too meaningful to not fully embrace it. Unlike a one-time Reiki session or massage, it has been several weeks since my session with Shanti and I continue to find myself experiencing heightened sensitivity, recalibrating to higher frequency. So beautiful. Thank you Shanti  - Katie Ring



May 29, 2018,

Thank you for your guidance, determination, warrior demeanor, knowledgeable, loving heart so grateful I am 🙏 so grateful for all that u are... I am the women I am today because of your guidance. because following your guidance has allowed me to find my own leadership qualities to see what works for me - Jennifer P. 


March, 2018.

I had a couple of Marconics’ sessions with Shanti. They felt relaxing and energizing at the same time. But I was looking for something more. Shanti suggested recolebration. I wasn’t sure what to think of it. My science-oriented ego kept on questioning and judging whether or not I should do it. Shanti was always available to answer any questions and gently support me without pushing me to make any decisions. The pull to do it was much stronger than my ego, so I went for it. The entire process was so peaceful. I felt that a blanket of energy was covering me and rushing through me. I definitely felt lighter by the end of the first day. I kept on feeling that there is something on top of my head, my crown chakra. The next day of recollebration also felt peaceful, and at some point I saw an image of a beautiful being with golden wings and at the same time I had an integration of my higher self. It had been four weeks since recalibration and I noticed a lot of positive movements in my life: I recognize my old patterns that don’t serve me easier, letting go of emotions is easier, overall I am feeling more positive and serene, my attention seems to focus more on love. I am grateful to Shanti for the wonderful gift of Marconcis that she brought into my life. She is a great light being that was a perfect companion for being with me through this process." Maggie Shafiro, Ph.D.

Posted on January 9th, 2018

Shanti is incredible, she is so easily able to tune into anyone and help them raise their vibration and clear all that is in their way of opening up their heart to pure LOVE. She is a very pure channel for divine wisdom and guidance and she also is very talented with aromatherapy and Marconics. If you are looking to shift & raise your vibration, Shanti is the light being to work with!!! - Caileig F. 


Posted on January 9th, 2018

Shanti is one of the most gifted lightworkers I've ever had the pleasure of healing with! She is so warm and kind and a beacon of unconditional love.
She performed my Marconics recalibration over a year ago now and I am overjoyed to say that it continues to work wonders in my life. Shanti is that rare soul that has the capacity to facilitate a profound transformation in your energetic body. After a recalibration, you're life will never be the same again. You become so aligned with your higher self that all you want to do is reflect the limitless love of source in your own creative way. Shanti is certainly a treasure walking among us, and if you feel the guidance- THEN GO NOW -and receive what you need because Shanti is the channel to take you to the next level of your personal ascension! - Brian Russo

Posted by Fatima H on Feb 14th, 2017

I am so thankful that I met my wonderful and Amazing my dear Deanna Shanti. I am suffering of chronic depression, anxiety, trauma. Since I started Marconics energy healing sessions with her my life had totally changed . I felt Deepen my spiritual connection
It did Calms my immune system
Helps with anxiety as it provides a calming affect
"Absolutely beautiful. It has given me the lift that I needed right now. I appreciate your love and help. I am so grateful for Archangel Michael & all my angels for the beautiful meditation and the love and support they give me always. Love & Light." 
I strongly recommend to go see Deanna shanti
She is a wonderful

Posted by Sarah T on Apr 23rd, 2017

I reccomend seeing Deanna Shanti Avakumova for assistance...a truly gifted master of divine healing and happy to have her in my life

Posted by Tracey on May 11th, 2017

As always, I learn amazing lessons from you that resonate deep within my soul.

Posted by T.T. on May 11th, 2017

Thankyou so much for the positive energy, you are such a beautiful soul, and it makes my days so much better when I feel the negative fading away... Thank You!

Posted by T.T. on May 11th, 2017

hank you so much! Your messages of love and happiness have an amazing impact on my life and the lives of those around me.... Have a blessed day

Posted by T.T. on May 11th, 2017

hank you so much! Your messages of love and happiness have an amazing impact on my life and the lives of those around me.... Have a blessed day

Posted by Ric on May 12th, 2017

Angelic, inspired, full of kindness and grace. These are just some words that come to mind to try and convey my experience recieving body work from Shanti yesterday. So deeply appreciate the heart opening and comfort I experienced and wanting to share gratitude for Shanti and these respectful healing gifts she offers. So many blessings 

Posted by Ric on May 12th, 2017

ha ha modicons appear as "?" in my comments above:)

Posted by Sara on May 12th, 2017

I have been greatly affected in ways that are hard to describe through all of the healing work she provides. I have been looking for a massage therapist after relocating to Massachusetts. FINALLY, after 10 years I have found her. She provides a loving safe space unlike any others I have tried. She works with the body in ways I did not know were possible. It's a profound experience! 

I have also been to Shanti for Marconics no touch sessions and the life changing recalibration. I am a different person then I was before Marconics. The empathy I experienced was so much that I was sick quite often from absorbing others pain. I am thrilled to say I still have compassion and empathy for others, however it's a different kind. I no longer suffer from seeing others hurt. I have also unexpectedly no longer felt the need for social drinking, or medications that numbed my pain. For the first time in 23 years I am not in need or wanting to take meds. This is not anything I thought was possible. A visit to Shanti's studio is one of the greatest, freeing life experiences I have given myself. She has guided me back to who I am and reminded me of lessons that I somehow forgot. She has been a critical guide in helping me move past things that no longer serve for the greatest good. 

Hands down - or shall I say " up" for being the most impactful healer I have crossed paths with. Incredible gratitude for her work and helping me and also many that I know.

Posted by Luz on May 13th, 2017

She has change my life , unfortunately my visits ti her are fewer than what will like. Love her dearly

Posted by Mitchell Shakour on May 13th, 2017

We all come to Shanti from different perspectives.
I have been on a 45 year search for answers since my mom died suddenly,when I was 18
years old. Time will heal a lot of hurts, but the search goes on. We all want to heal the planet and love all sentient beings. How do we do this? We have to first love and forgive ourselves then we can heal others. Along the way we have gurus and teachers who help show us the way up the mountain. Shanti is one such helper and a blessing. It is said, " when the student is ready the teacher will arrive ". I am ready, and she has arrived. For years I have been so close to a breakthrough, now it is here.
After one session I can see the path is now clear. It will not be easy. There will be setbacks, but at last I see a golden example of how it can be done.
The more you know, the more you realize what you don't know and are more than eager to
Push The Envelope and find out
Thank you for allowing the hope and possibilities of true unconditional ????



Posted by Michelle Pinage on May 15th, 2017

March of 2016 was a pivotal moment in my life. The missing link, and my spiritual family arrived in full force. I met Shanti at our Marconics training, we both went to the *wrong* room to find out we were there because we had a friend in common who told us about it. There are no coincidences! The following week I went to see her for a massage, since I had been recalibrated, I needed someone in the same vibrational frequency and I couldn't think of getting bodywork by anyone else. The instant I set foot on her place, I felt at home. 5th dimension home. Lightness of being, joy and so much love. Needeless to say the massage was amazing and to our suprise, I had an integration! We were not expecting that to happen at all and I cannot describe the joy and gratitude! I recently moved to Brazil but until then, I wouldn't miss any of her events, such a blessing and an unique experience. Shanti, you are my sunshine, my magical unicorn and my guardian angel! Your Light shines through dimensions and Universes! Love you and will see you soon :)

Posted by John on May 24th, 2017

I can't say enough about my massages with Shanti. Absolutely magical, and unlike anything I've ever experienced. I came in with some shoulder issues, which she found without my saying anything, and the effect was instantaneous. I can't believe I've been walking around with this for years, unnecessarily. I look forward to more!! Shanti, you're the greatest. Love & light & namaste

Posted by Juliet on May 25th, 2017

I had such a night after leaving you. My body feels amazing today, I don't know how to really put it into words. I've suffered with this disease since I was 11 years old and have only had relief in the years following pregnancy. I was in so much pain yesterday. I came home with a slight headache and ravenously hungry (this is unusual for me, I don't eat after 6 or 7 most days). I had some food and tons of water and felt exhausted so went to bed at 8. When I woke up I felt a profound shift in my body and I feel no pain today, none. This is an incredible thing for me, I feel like I was finally ready to shed this sickness and I think it's gone. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your part in this healing.

Posted by David on May 29th, 2017

You are beautiful. I really felt something when I watched your love video. You're amazing.

Posted by Tracey on May 31st, 2017

I have come to respect you immensely. 
My biggest fear for years has been abandonment and feeling alone. On a daily basis you remind me that I am never alone. You live what you say and you celebrate love like no one I've ever known. I have learned lessons from watching you and it has changed my life. 
Love is contagious. 
I invite it into my life and I am allowing it to flow freely from me to everyone around me and it is transforming my relationships. 
I am so grateful for the beauty you have caused in my life. It is truly a gift.

Posted by Heather T on Jun 2nd, 2017

I called in on a Friday at 6pm because I had hurt my back and even though she was finished with clients for the day, she offered to take me if I couldnt be seen elsewhere so I wasn't in pain. I ended finding someplace that was open, but was thankful and grateful for the offer :-) Thanks again!!

Posted by Jennifer Tatiana Paez on Jun 5th, 2017

i absolutely love this healing modality it really help me ascend and connected me to live more in my higher self mode(stand in my power in this time and space). loooking foward to adding in to my businness.thank u soooooooo much goddes lots of love

Posted by Tom B on Jun 19th, 2017

Moving work for the mind and body..this was my first session and having experienced many a massage, as well as other body and energy work, I have to say that there is something quite deep and different here. Left with a completely relaxed feeling and experienced some profound effects afterward that lasted for a couple of days. I am a strong believer in the mind/body connection and how important it is to recognize for true healing of the body and soul. Thank you have a lovely caring way to your work. I will see you again..

Posted by David C on Jun 29th, 2017

I can attest,,, if you are considering, you will not regret, jump on in for your moment in heavenly bliss

Posted by Terri on Jun 29th, 2017

Deanna Shanti Avakumova's massages are like no other! I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and most massages trigger painful flares. When I went to get a massage from Shanti, it was different from anything else. The movement of my muscles didn't trigger pain. The way she moved my body was otherworldly, comfortable and released stuck energy. I highly recommend a massage from Shanti!!! Maybe it should be called a non-massage 

Posted by Mitch on Jun 30th, 2017

I have experienced three full 90 minute massage sessions with Shanti. I combined it with a Marconic healing and WOW!
I have received hundreds of massages from dozens of different people and Shanti gave me the most Spiritual massage ever
The healing is still with me weeks later
Thank you Shanti

Posted by marc steeves on Jul 2nd, 2017

I am so glad to have found Shanti , my neck and shoulders where a mess she worked on them for quite a while and now i feel so much better . Great Massage and her hours are perfect . Thank you so much

Posted by Ken on Aug 7th, 2017

Saw Shanti for a much-needed massage due to many hours driving, hard weight training and continuous reappearing sciatica. Shanti soothe my body and my soul. I was literally floating above the table. My only regret is that it was only 90 minutes. That and that she's so far away from me. Definitely a planned stop on my way to Maine from now on. She is an angel, a beautiful, giving, loving, nurturing, intuitive and healing angel. Thank you, Shanti. Until we see each other again...
Peace & Love,

Posted by Terri N. on Sep 26th, 2017

Yesterday was one of those days where I thought I'd go in to see Shanti for a massage. I've been having some lower back pain. As it turns out, all my muscles were very tight. I am so grateful for Shanti's loving skill. She was able to massage and stretch and loosen some of my muscles. Not only did she give me an amazing and unique massage, but she also spent time talking with me about how I can release the density that we are feeling...on my own. After my massage, I was in some pain. I layed low and allowed the pain to move through. Today I feel great. Some stiffness and energized, clear headed and ready to take on the day. Love you Shanti!

Posted by Mitch on Oct 10th, 2017

I have experienced Shanti's Marconics session 3 times. They are nothing short of miraculous.
I will be back for the two day recalibration.
When my schedule allows..
Her place is truly holy  Blessings

Posted by ric on Oct 16th, 2017

My back pain has been released now completely several months after first recieving such beautiful healing massage and essential oils from Shanti. I recall how much I had wanted to be feeling the same total blissfulness in my right leg that I was enjoying all through the rest of my body with her first massage. The numbness and weakness in that leg was related to severely herniated lumbar discs for sure but with time I have learned new ways I beleve to listen through pain and bliss to come into more beautiful alignment. Not only physically but in truth with my highest self. At one point Shanti channeled encouragement for me to "release the fear I was holding in my hip" and those words and ithers became healing medicine that I always have access too (at no charge! lol) More greatful to have come to Shanti than I can express. Thank you love!

Posted b Jovahnna on November 29th, 2017

Shanti's work has been one of the most profound work I have received. Her space is open and very welcoming. I've received Marconics No Touch twice and both times have felt so vibrant, light, and clear! Both times I have felt more connected to my highest alignment. After my sessions I have stopped doing/taking any external stimulants for happiness and wholeness. I totally recommend this for anyone looking for help in releasing any dense or stuck energy, or anyone called to this work as apart of your evolutionary path! Love 



Posted on December 4, 2017

I usually don't have time to write reviews , but in this case I have been forced by gratitude and love to say that the oils that Shanti prepares for different cases are Amazing .I rolled my ankle playing soccer yesterday, while i was thinking that i will be in pain for weeks ,Today i can say that i am pain free and i am walking as i never injured my ankle. Thank you!!!  Cesar Suarez

I find Shanti to be authentic and filled with loving compassion. She is deeply committed to being of service using Marconics as her healing method. Also her space feels warm and safe and put me completely at ease. Overall, a very lovely experience. - Linda Fleck


 experienced a very powerful activation while receiving a remote no touch session with Shanti. She is a loving, very high frequency and trustworthy light worker. - Kim K


Posted by Aaron N. on Dec 23rd, 2016

that shift into the heart from last night's transmission was so powerful! thank you again ?. I feel so calm, centered, and clear. Feeling and radiating the Christ love!

Posted by Carmen Cita on Jan 28th, 2016

Thank you Deanna Shanti Avakumova. I want to tell you how my day progressed after watching this video. I began with a meditation. Still half asleep and feeling relaxed I was ready to press play. I immediately felt the loving vibrations, the pure intent and the blessings showered over all of my being. I made a few business calls and sent some e-mails then called my parents. I showered and left the house to pick up my father and take him grocery shopping. Today, I was completely in the present moment and focused on Light. Arriving at my parents' house, my dad asked me " Are you in a rush today? " I said No. I meant it. No worries about what I needed to do at home or what the next task was on my agenda to complete. Well, my dad suggested that I drive my mom's Volvo and it felt good to drive another vehicle. I left my truck in the parking lot next to their house and off we went. I felt so happy to be with my dad, helping him shop at various places and felt so calm. One woman at CVS complemented me on being so patient with my dad. She said that I spoke to him so calmly and that most people do not. I replied that I love my parents and wanted to care for them the way that they cared for me when I was small and vulnerable. We had a sweet conversation. Then off to the next destination with dad. The whole time together was a symphony and my energy was so light. I haven't been this relaxed in a very long time. Everyone felt these positive vibrations and I am so thankful, Deanna Shanti Avakumova for your Love and Light. I am so thankful that I found you on FB. You are a an other worldly treasure. For the breath inside you, the energy that you emit and receive, the Light, Love and Peace within and without raises the vibrations of This Planet and All Beings. I am so humbled and grateful for this blessing. This feeling is lifting me up. Namaste. heart emoticon You are Beautifu

Posted by cathy coneeny on Jan 28th, 2016

amazing massage and healing session-- this is the total body work . I left once again feeling relaxed and renewed. I highly recommend shanti and all her work. I will certainly be going back again

Posted by Jeff Caple on Mar 21st, 2016

I've never written a review before but I am now because I hope that those who read this review will feel compelled to take the action and schedule a Marconics session with Shanti.

Life's hard to put into words what I experienced during my session. I can tell you that energetically, I am not the same person. I now vibrate at a higher frequency. I have forever been changed. 

I have been working with Shanti for almost a year now. Taking full advantage of the great healing techniques, counsel and products that Shanti offers at Rejuvelate. I have attended her guided healing sessions, followed her advice and have taken action on several healing modalities that Shanti has recommended. Being open to all and embracing the adventure of ascension, I believe that this past year has been preparing me for the Marconics session.

I went into the session just being open. Not sure what was going to happen, I just remained still and asked for all blocks to be removed from me so I could fully experience the session. 

What happened next is hard to describe. A higher frequency energy felt as if it floated down and into my entire being. This was a new energy, outside of my own. I calmed my mind and just felt it. As the session went on, I had visions and active dreams. I could "see" and feel this energy that has completely engulfed my being more and more. This new energy is now a part of me and I am not the same.

My life changed immediately. Strained family relationships healed within a day. Strangers now look me in the eye and beam smiles at me and say "Hi". A child who I interacted with for a few minutes and did not know called me "dad"...I could go on. 

If you are reading this review, you have been guided to experience Marconics. Please, do it. Let Shanti be the channel to heal you and help us raise the vibration of this planet.

If you have not been to Rejuvelate yet, I can assure you that your life will improve if you go. You can feel the love and higher energy just by entering the Rejuvelate space. Shanti is a truly gifted and connected soul and her only intention is to help you heal. I took that step and my life will never be the same.

Posted by Maria F. on Oct 22nd, 2016

I want to thank you from my heart for the most healing and relaxing massage I have ever had. Shanti, you have such a beautiful, loving, and kind touch. I truly felt the love and light from our devine helpers coming through you. My body has taken on some trauma due to cancer and you are the only therapist that has addressed this and I had no doubt or fear that it was for my highest and best! I would recommend your lightwork to anyone and everyone I know! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! God Bless You Shanti!

Posted by Dorian Rose on Oct 28th, 2016

This past week I finally sought the aide of someone in integrating ineffable aspects of my experience and being. A strong part of me is skeptic/knowledge/gnosis based. However, there always has been a stronger part of me, having an understanding of things based off of intuitions, knowing that we have limitations to knowing so there is the place of faith (not to be confused with religion per se). With this I have intermittently sought, as many have and do, shamanistic healers and counselors. Though I know what I sought resides in myself, I sought affirmation, acknowledgment and aide this past week. I recommend this highly - Thank you, Deanna Shanti Avakumova, for assisting my steps forward!!
She is amazing, the real thing.

Posted by SARAH Trow on Nov 8th, 2016

I had received the first one mentioned , was amazing..released a lot, heart opening, messages from archangels, mother gia..tears flowed..i totally recommend working with Deanna Shanti Avakumova. I am also very happy with my Palo Santo sticks, oil and bracelet..reaching a and ascending higher...namaste

Posted by rosemary on Dec 8th, 2016

"Deanna Shanti Avakumova is a gifted energy healer and adviser. Her treatments include:
Marconics, quantum healing, Angelic and other systems of intuitive and guided healing. She addresses emotional issues like anxiety as well as physical issues. She is open to discussing your concerns and brings a very unique perspective to the problems that I find useful and healing". Rosemary, RI.


"Shanti is a true gem, compassionate, loving and knowledgeable. I had a session this morning leaving me with such a feeling of peace. My plantar fasciitis pain has gone from an 8 to a 1 from receiving a Marconics no touch session this morning, which I am so thankful for...I would truly recommend Shanti's services for a life filled with Peace and Love. As always thank you Shanti, much love and blessings" Janine


"Always an uplift in vibration after a Marconics session with Shanti!"  - Maria Finnochiaro


"Shanti is incredible. she is so easily able to tune into anyone and help them raise their vibration and clear all that is in their way of opening up their heart to pure LOVE. She is a very pure channel for divine wisdom and guidance and she also is very talented with aromatherapy and Marconics. If you are looking to shift & raise your vibration, Shanti is the light being to work with!!!" - Caileigh Fedlman


"Shanti’s integrity and my Marconics recalibration has helped me in so many ways it’s hard to know where to begin. It has been a slow and gradual process for me but I am seeing all areas of my physical, mental and emotional body healing. I no longer have knee and foot pain, my back adjusts itself, I can see situations and others motives so very clear, I am more In tune with myself and have been honoring what I want and need to do, I live without fear and anxiety, I have much more restful sleep, I live more in each moment, no more depression, more organization, making intuitive decisions based on my own guidance. Shanti made me feel welcome and comfortable immediately and it felt right to trust her ability to work on my soul! My life is only getting better and starting to live my purpose has uplifted my entire being. Thank you Shanti! "- Paula Sanderson


"As a person challenged with allergies, I am extremely careful about the ingredients of personal products. I never use any product composed with synthetic fragrance. Essential oils are "essential" to my enjoyment of life and my skincare regimen. I'm addicted to Rejuvelate's Nourishing Hand and Body Shea Butter Lotion, and Age-Defying Treatment for Neglected Hands. Not only do they both smell amazing, they are extremely effective. Since I started using the hand oil, I have received numerous compliments about the softness of my hands. The shea butter lotion feels simply heavenly and is a personal delight to use every day. Rejuvelate products are brilliant combination of natural ingredients that smell wonderful and really work. I'm a fan - and certainly, a repeat customer! Thanks for creating such fantastic products!"


"I would like to say THANK YOU to Deanna for the wonderful products and a 100% commitment to all-natural ingredients. I have tried the hand cream, body lotion,and body oil and I am totally in love with them - from scent to texture, to the way my skin feels from using them, very soft! Sometimes I just open the bottles to smell them :) It's uplifting to know there're only natural ingredients in them and that someone is committed to bringing to people only the best. I certainly recommend, and will be buying again!" Jenny T. 


"I have been using Rejuvelate products for several months now. The effect on my skin (especially the hands) was immediate and after a week of use I experienced a drastic and lasting change from dry wrinkled hands to smooth and soft skin. The difference was so significant that my husband and friends noticed and complements are never ending. Everyone is hooked! I wholeheartedly recommend!"


"Shanti is EXTREMELY intuitive, an excellent guide for anybody going through lifes struggles, and overall a genuine, loving, caring, and highly skilled individual. Very clear in her reading abilities, communication, and very clean as well as powerful energy during Marconics sessions. Simply a divine being, and a divine experience it is working with her. If I could give more than 5 stars I would - Bryce Boyer


"Listen... u want the BEST, most magical massage of your entire life...well then stop looking and start the connection. You will leave literally being changed for ever. Mark MY WORDS. Love you Shanti". Leah Landry


"I love the hand and body lotion, it is very rich and very moisturizing. Really a little goes a long way. It does melt... i left my cream in the car and when I got back it became liquid. But knowing that it is absolutely natural and there are no thickening agents, like Silica for example, makes me feel good about using it. As soon as i took it out of the heat it solidified.
I also like very much your foot scrub... WOW. my hard skin is gone.
thanks, i will be ordering more. I heard that there will be more products coming soon. Looking forward to that. Good job. love this line. please make some face oils", Margo M. 


"Your anti-wrinkle eye cream is great and it actually works. I have been telling about it to all my friends", Karla T.


"I've been using Deanna's Rejuvelate products for a couple of months now and Wow! I must admit I'm not a big fan of messing about with all different creams and potions.. I rather prefer to use a few effective things that get the job done without much time or fanfare. I find Deanna's Rejuvelate, Lavender and Neroli brown sugar body scrub, excellent, it's great for removing dead skin cells from the body and(although not really recommended ) I use it for my face ! My skin feels softer than it has for some time, friends have told me I "glow" more than usual and even my husband noticed my skin is a lot smoother than when I was just using the over the counter body/ face scrubs.. I'm also using the skin tightening / anti wrinkle oil that also really great.. initially I was hesitant as I can get blocked pores and the last thing I want is zitfestation, however, three weeks down the line and no problem, just softer smoother skin.. I think Deanna told me she uses walnut oil and this seems to be just right for the face.. I love the potency of her products, some aromatherapy products I have used before are kind of too watered down without a defined essential oil scent .. I don't find this with Rejuvelate products, Lavender is lavender etc I would heartily recommend trying her products I don't think you'll be disappointed" Jane Chakaravarthy

Posted by julie on Jan 12th, 2015

Deanna is amazing! She knows exactly how to work out all my areas of soreness and tension. I have been going to her for over 6 months, and have noticed a difference in the way I feel. She is a very talented massage therapist.

Posted by Maureen on Jan 14th, 2015

I'm amazed by the powerful energies Shanti can transmit. She intuitively balances pressure and isolation to relieve knots and tangles I didn't realize I had. She is above knowledgable. Her studio is magical oasis. Her touch is sublime. I am looking forward to having a long lasting relationship with my new healer and friend. Namaste

Posted by Luce Corona on Jan 14th, 2015

For Many months i started feelling pain in upper right arm, pain was growing daily , waking me up at night and not been able to rest. I have a very busy life, I teach 16 classes a week, have a store in rkpt ma . And a wonderful 15 year old child that needs me to drive him everywhere to play hockey. 
I was very honored to be invited to one of the events that Rejuvelate Aesthetics on January 10th . Shanti gave me a massage in my arm and put dime oils. It has been four days that the pain is not waking me up . It's almost gone. I still need to go back and her appointment is until March. I cannot wait. God bless her hands!. Amen

Posted by Linda S. on Mar 5th, 2015

Thank you, Shanti, for the amazing 90-minute full body massage. I can honestly say it was one of the most relaxing and professional treatments I have ever experienced. Your expertise shines through in your passion for what you do. I cannot wait for my next appointment.

Posted by Carrie on Sep 2nd, 2015

I came to Shanti looking for a way to heal my body and mind. I had just started using essential oils for my pain symptoms and wanted to learn more about them and how I could use them in my life. I have MS so each day brings something different. 
She was able to help me start to make a "shift" in my way of thinking and how I approached my life. Through conversations and Angel hearings, I immediately felt myself begin to shift my attitudes, beliefs and thoughts. With each visit I've felt a welcome opening and serenity. 
She has guided me with my use of essential oils explaining which ones would be most helpful. 
The energy channeling work she performs greatly helps alleviate my pain within 24 hours. The Angel healings help me to gain a greater acceptance with my life and all that it is.
Shanti is a blessing in my life!

Posted by Ekaterina Silkina on May 28th, 2014

I had an amazing time at Rejuvelate studio. Deanna is a great massage therapist who will personalize your massage! She creates a completely welcoming, relaxing and comfortable environment.
Deanna brings a balance of body, mind and spirit with the knowledge of aromatic essential oils, her magic hands and learning a little bit about you before you get on the table.
Deanna gave me exactly the massage i was looking for. She made me feel born again. And i would definitely return for another session with Deanna!

Posted by Kristen on May 28th, 2014

That was the most amazing massage, Deanna! I just got home and I feel amazing, even though I wish it was still happening! Icing those sore spots that you worked through, and my head feels lighter on a less-stiff neck, pecs are looser. I definitely need more work and need to increase stretching, like you said. Thank you for all the advice. Your holistic approach is so therapeutic in the best and broadest way. I will visit you again, my friend! For sure! Thank you so much!! You definitely are light, and the warmth definitely transferred into my body, aches and all. Namaste, Deanna

Posted by Kristen on May 28th, 2014

That was the most amazing massage, Deanna! I just got home and I feel amazing, even though I wish it was still happening! Icing those sore spots that you worked through, and my head feels lighter on a less-stiff neck, pecs are looser. I definitely need more work and need to increase stretching, like you said. Thank you for all the advice. Your holistic approach is so therapeutic in the best and broadest way. I will visit you again, my friend! For sure! Thank you so much!! You definitely are light, and the warmth definitely transferred into my body, aches and all. Namaste, Deanna

Posted by DD on Oct 9th, 2014

First timer at Rejuvelate, finished a 90 minute deep tissue session with Deanna earlier today. I've been to 4-5 massage therapists in my life, and none are even close to her expertise. First of all, STRONG hands. You can't do deep tissue without them. Second, great communicator...not overly talkative, but always knew when to ask about the intensity of the pressure. Third, wonderful intuition, and not afraid to share and act upon that intuition. 

To me, a massage should be more than someone tenderizing your body like a side of beef. It never felt that was with Deanna.

Posted by Melissa McLaughlin on Oct 16th, 2014

Deanna is love. Her hands are very intuitive as well as her heart. I've never felt better after a combination session from Deanna, massage & reiki with some crystal work. Her products and aromatherapy is great. For any ailments I've had she's been able to put together remedies for me. Wonderful & magnificent healer

Posted by Steve S. on Oct 17th, 2014

Deanna Shanti Avakumova does some of the best deep tissue work I have ever had. Her touch is indeed therapeutic and she can help fix your muscular pains. I have been getting massage from her for a little over a year, and I keep going back. She also introduced me to Palo Santo. Palo Santo has changed my life and I know I would never have discovered it, but for her. I now believe in Aroma Therapy. Also, her new studio is beautiful! It is also warm, friendly and relaxing. You know that you are about to have an amazing experience the moment you walk in. You will love her. No really! You will love her. —

Posted by Bobby D. on Oct 17th, 2014

Deanna give one of the best deep tissue massages. I feel great for days after a session with her. I have been getting massages for 20 Years and she is by far one of the best around.

Posted by Kayla H on Oct 23rd, 2014

I just received the BEST therapeutic massage I have ever had!! Deanna Shanti Avakumova you are truly gifted! You've been blessed by spirit. Hands of an angel!! I'm so grateful to have you heal me! 
Thanks for sharing your gift!!

Posted by Aboo T on Nov 2nd, 2014

I have been going to Rejuvelate for the past couple of months for massage therapy. I really enjoyed the deep tissue and relaxation massages. Thank you Deanna. Your hands work wonders.

Posted by Susan S.M. on Nov 18th, 2014

It's not often where you can find someone who has the ability to integrate aromatherapy in with IET and Reiki.

Along with doing that, Deanna is a wonderful person who takes the time to listen to your thoughts and concerns and offer suggestions.

I would highly recommend her as long as it doesn't cut in to me being able to get an appointment with her easily. She's an absolutely great Reiki Master! :-)

Posted by Sandy C on Nov 20th, 2014

I am grateful for Deanna's careful massages and after multiple sessions, I can highly recommend her work. She has an informed touch that is intuitive and she clearly is grounded in theories on how body mechanics work. She is willing to learn with me on how to deal with pain and I am reminded that I have homework to do myself...getting a massage is not a quick fix but rather a wake-up call to be more aware of posture, stretching, standing tall, and getting moving more.

Posted by Mike D on Nov 22nd, 2014

During my 90-minute massage therapy session with Deanna (Shanti), she very effectively focused on all of my areas of tension. Her technique is excellent; the result being a totally invigorating and restorative experience. Shanti''s studio helps establish a relaxing state of mind as soon as you enter. And her personal aura is that of a sensitive and calm healer. I recommend a session with her as a way to establish a sense of inner tranquility.

Posted by Alba on Dec 6th, 2014

Deanna, is amazing. I have had so many massages through groupon, and she is the only one that i have gone back to. She seem to know just where my pain is. I have arthritis in my hip, and she is relly been able to help with my pain.


"I heard from a friend of mine about your shea butter hand salve/cream and decided to try it. I have cracked skin on my index fingers on both hands and this salve was exactly what i needed. It healed my skin in a few days. Thank you." Louise


"Shanti has created a wonderful facial cream for me. And that alone is the most exciting thing. It was made specially for me! With the oils that are good for MY skin and that smell the way I like it! I love the way my skin feels. I feel like my skin absorbs it nicely and I don't have any oily feeling I was afraid I would have. Besides the facial cream, when I had a strong cough I was longing for some sort of a rub for my chest to ease my spasms during most difficult evening hours. So asked her if she can create something like that for me and sure enough Shanti has made this wonderful oil blend. It would ease my coughing when I needed it most. Thank you, dear! I am looking forward trying other products that you have." Katya Bagci


"came across your website and started reading testimonials, and after seeing such a good feedback decided to try your products. I have been using your shea butter cream for dry hands. I have to tell you that I am very hard to please and very picky usually when it gets to quality. All I can say is that I am very much impressed.I will be ordering more. I love the smell it is very soothing, i can feel chamomile and lavender the most, although you have rose and sandalwood and benzoin in there. It is great! Thank you" Natalia.


"The tops of my hands take a beating during wintertime. Your shea butter cream works magic on them! Using a small amount even just once a day (although I should probably use it more often) really helps heal them. I wish I had this stuff when I used to play percussion!!! :-) I definitely recommend using this cream." Mark Vasques.


"Your sensual body oil rocks!", Kirk.

Posted by Julia on Jan 11th, 2013

Love the oils! I've struggled with combination skin since my early 20's and have tried a myriad of products. All three oils specifically designed for eyes, face and body have improved my skin's texture and appearance. I'm truly a satisfied customer. Happy New Year!

Posted by Maria on Jan 13th, 2013

Your sugar scrub is heavenly. I love it. 5 stars.

Posted by Sheila on Jan 20th, 2013

I got your argan body oil for sensitive skin and the sugar scrub as a present. The smell is just angelic! My skin never felt better. I am going to be your best customer!!! Great stuff. Will check out your FB page.

Posted by Sheila on Jan 20th, 2013

I got your argan body oil for sensitive skin and the sugar scrub as a present. The smell is just angelic! My skin never felt better. I am going to be your best customer!!! Great stuff. Will check out your FB page.

Posted by Olya on Feb 22nd, 2013

I am new to Rejuvelate products and I am already in love with them. When I apply shea butter on my hands, I can't stop smelling myself :) It smells sooooo good and feels amazing. I am using a strech mark body oil on my post-pregnancy body and it's seems to be working well and the scent is gorgeous. Soon I will start using the baby oil on a skin on my little baby boy as well. I can't wait to try more of those heavenly oils and butters. They smell so good that I want to eat them :)Thank you Rejuvelate ! Thank you Deanna - you are definitely a Master!

Posted by Paulo on Feb 24th, 2013

SHEA BUTTER: I am using the product for a week. Very good! My skin was all cracked and now is almost entirely healed. Awsome!

Posted by Darlene on Feb 24th, 2013

I must honestly say your product is "Awesome" I am a Health Coach and love to use all natural products. I enjoyed the Spa party you had so much I had to buy all 3 products. They smell lovely and you can tell they are all natural. I feel my skin is looking younger and younger and much more Alive looking while on your products. Thank-you for loving your products as much as Love using them!! Blessings Darlene..

Posted by Jessica Bunting on Mar 6th, 2013

I'm so glad I found Deanna and Rejuvelate! When I first heard about it, I had reservations. My entire life I had been removing oil from my face, and now we are supposed to put oils directly on our face (?)- this seemed very counterintuitive! After speaking with Deanna, I understand how pure and essential these oils are in keeping our faces smooth. I have the beginning of rosacea, and Deanna put something together for me that was personalized to my problems - it is wonderful. It feels luxurious going on and smells fantastic. My skin has responded almost immediately! The first time I wore make-up, my friends noticed too. Thanks so much, and I will be spreading the word about Rejuvelate!

Posted by Cathy Medeiros on Apr 3rd, 2013

"Thank you so much for such prompt delivery. I am looking forward to trying your product and the future results. I never seem to be able to prevent hang nails, so I'm hopeful your product will help me in that problem and make my nails stronger as a pleasant side affect. Thank you for such curteous customer service, and your pleasant communication is appreciated. You thank you gift was unexpected and dearly appreciated." Cathy

Posted by Katya on May 23rd, 2013

We went to a vacation with the family and I forgot to order my body oil that has just finished. So I ended up using a regular store bought body lotion while there. It was actually a good reminder for me why I love my Rejuvelate body oil. Once back home it took me another few days before I contacted Deanna to make me another bottle. All this time my skin was dry after a lot of sun exposure. Once I received my magic bottle my skin was again as smooth as it should be without any hint of dryness you would expect after beach vacation. Thank you Deanna!

Posted by Kristen on May 28th, 2013

" I could nearly be considered an addict of these Rejuvelate products! Seriously. I just love the calming effect of the scents I use. I ran out of the facial and eye serum after the long dry winter. I knew I definitely wanted to replace them and see what new products Deanna had come up with since that party. Deanna is constantly running sales and promotions here, but I figured the best way to getting a hands-on idea of what the whole line is all about and to get the word out to others, is by having another home party! So this happened again recently. Deanna, in her imaginary fabulous lab coat, concocts the formulas and customizes right there, on the spot. Some of my and my family's specific needs she has tended to: my own sensitive skin, easily reddens; my issues with general anxiety; my children's' eczema; my son's A.D.D. Each issue, and those of my guests', knowledgeably addressed with essential oil combinations that Deanna has used and studied for years. She is extremely thorough, in every sense, and in the best possible way, so that the finished product is high quality and suited for just the right need. For the summer I will be trying some new products, including the shea butter bar and mosquito repellant (I live in the mosquito-laden woods). Already a new fan of the calming room spray and facial rose hydrosol to go with my customized facial argan oil. It was a fun day, and I was impressed at all the work that went into a personal afternoon!

Proof right here that a good, natural, organic, high quality product is composed of high quality ingredients....and these are made by a good, high-quality person too :)

Posted by Kristen on Nov 13th, 2013

Thank you, thank you for my new essential oil infused products and the palo santo bracelet, I'm loving the effects of the amazing scent of the palo santo. I'm looking forward to all of the benefits and am definitely open to some balance and reinforcement. Thank you for the information you included about it -- soooo interesting. Love all of these oils. Off to enjoy my other new products as I get ready for work!! Kristen

Posted by Ziba on Dec 22nd, 2013

I received a combo of Deep Tissue, Swedish massage from Deanna, in just one session you can experience something never experienced before, feel all the stress and tension gone, i can feel better blood circulation.


"Deanna's products are the best! Each one is concocted specially, essential oils that are not only tried and true solutions to each customer's needs, but they leave a scent that invigorates - or soothes - the soul. After testing some of them at a friends' party last year, I decided to host my own small party. She caters to everyone. Her products pamper, as does she! She's knowledable about the ingredients, but also in general regarding aromatherpy and holistic solutions and therapies for anyone, including kids! She'll be busy in school absorbing even more information, but in the meantime, I'm using the foot scrub, bath salts, facial and body oils for myself, and even the Mommy and Me oil and calming massage oil for my restless, inattentive son. I honestly feel that, on a budget myself, her products are top quality at a reasonable price. Plus, I've received free products from hosting the show and her product purchase card! I fully intend on adding more stamps in my purchase card in the future!" Kristen G.


"Hi Shanti, i purchased face oil and the salt scrub at the farmers market in Andover and i wanted to drop a line and say that i really like it. I like the scrub it leaves a wonderful silky smooth skin after i use it and the face oil, you were right, it has been a few weeks of using it and see the even the deep wrinkles are getting softer and fine lines are completely gone around my eyes and chest. thank you very much i will be spreading the word for sure. the best of luck to you.", Laura.

Posted by Kasia Sokalla on Nov 27th, 2012

I attended Deanna’s presentation at a home party last Sunday. All of us had a foot soak with the oils of our choosing, foot scrub, punch and desserts. Oh, can’t forget about a complementary professional massage… Heavenly.

But to the point: Deanna explained ins and outs of the aromatherapy and specifically what her products had to offer.

I left with happy, soft feet and a jar of Enriched Shea Butter For Children. Both of mine have dry, eczema prone skin especially in the winter. Applied on their little bodies, it softened their skin, and left it delicately fragrant. Not greasy. I will be buying buckets of that stuff for sure!

Posted by Katherine on Dec 15th, 2012

"The body oil works great on my hands! I did notice that it takes a bit to sink into my dry winter hands, so what I do is put some on before I go into the lab and put on my latex gloves over it. Using the gloves over the oil works wonders, when I take the gloves off my hands are baby soft, and that is after only one day! Thank you!"

Posted by Petey on Dec 15th, 2012

Hi Deanna, I love my anti aging oil!! Ive been using since party and really notice a difference in my skin. my skin and wrinkles have never looked better!! You definetly know your oils..very impressed!! I would love to try the eye cream/oil. Im always on the lookout for the best and Im sure you can produce i
t. Thanks Petey

"I liked your shea butter a lot. It goes in very smooth and makes my skin very soft. I like the aroma, it is very mild and soothing" .- Julie.