Marconics Recalibration

Marconics Recalibration


The Marconics Recalibration is a one-time energetic procedure that permanently plugs you back into the Universal Matrix. Through this process, Shanti -one of the top Marconics practitioners in the world- does a series of energetic alignments with your energy body (no touch) and changes your chakras from vortexes to spheres. This realignment completely changes the way energy flows through your body. It causes an activation of your Merkaba which powers your ability to travel interdimensionally and expands your awareness to enable you to create your new reality. Also, the experience of the session itself is very blissful and otherworldy!

Marconic Recalibration connects the individual to the electromagnetic field of the Crystalline Grid, triggering DNA, and Lightbody development in readiness for life at Higher Dimensional Frequencies. It reconnects the being to resonating Star Systems, without distortion, according to the individual’s Spiritual evolution.

Once Recalibrated, you become a Negative Ionic Generator. You don't ever power down, you sustain your higher vibrational frequency and continue to go higher. This enables you to continue to drop density as we move forward on the cresting waves of Ascension – into the Fifth Dimension and beyond. The Recalibration is a major step on your path of Ascension.

  • Experience Sovereign Integration
  • Activate the Multidimensional Holographic Body, Spiritual DNA, the Pineal Hyper-dimensional Gateway, and the Lightbody Quantum Merkaba.
  • “Uncap” the Chakras for the New Galactic Chakra System.
  • Connect back to Source at the Galactic Core



  • Begins with the Integrated Chakra Unification Procedure: Uncapping of chakras, during which you shed 51 percent of your existent Karma which is necessary to occur for the ascension process to be successful. Activation of your galactic charkas and fully awakening your 7 chakras (your chakras instead of the cone shape, become rounded, which is their natural state of being). Putting you in 2 chakra mode.
  • Recipient of the Recalibation moves out of the closed energy system (where you are self feed by your own quantum energy) into the open energy system (you are plugged back into the source and infinitely fed by the source at all times)
  • Release energetic empathy, stop taking on pain of others 
  • With the recalibration your body can activate the deactivated codes in the DNA to reawaken characteristics, traits and attributes essential for survival in less denser dimensions which are higher dimension such as 5th.
  • Connects you with the grid system which is currently dormant in your system. 
  • Promotes instant manifestation
  • Accessing multiple dimensions
  • As the above is performed, your Field of connectivity extends into space and crystalline grid. 
  • So what recalibration is doing then is attuning you to the grid, so you can pick up all info necessary guidance for your evolution. 
  • Your own guidance available to you at all times. 
  • As you go through life and preparing the Shift/Ascension, you are also anchoring Marconic Light Frequencies to the Planetary grid below your feet, assisting the Earth to do the same.


A Recalibration consists of two 1 hour appointments that must be done in person over two consecutive days. Purchase now or call Shanti's Office at  617-548-8758 to schedule time and set up payment in person.



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