Acne Spot Treatment (boils)

Acne Spot Treatment (boils)


.5ml of acne spot treament to remove troublesome boils!

A natural and effective way to treat your spots/boils for any impure skin. This little bottle will help purify and detoxify blemishes, while helping to reduce inflamation and swelling without irritating your skin. Use it along with the lavender hydrosol or Facial Toner For Acne Skin.

Use: Shake before each use. Apply sparingly to clean skinup to three times a day. Must apply nightly. The dropper applicator allows for a small area to be treated, and excess can be pressed into surrounding skin. Do not apply all over the face, limit only to spots. Do not get into eyes. Store away from sunlight and heat. 

Ingredients: Organic Witch hazel extract, lavender hydrosol, essential oils of ti-tree, lavender, lemon, german chamomile, juniper.

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