Thread Veins Facial Serum

Thread Veins Facial Serum

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One ounce of this serum reduces redness, increases elasticity in blood vessels.

The walls of the capillaries are usually very elastic and can dilate when there is a stimuli such as spicy foods, alcohol, hot drinks and other triggers. When this happens the person looks flushed. But once the triggers are taken out of the situation and the effect wears off the capillaries should return to their original size. If the capillary walls lost their elasticity due to the bad diet, sever climates, circulatory disorders they may not shrink back as they should and cheeks will appear red all the time.

So, how can essential oils help?

They can help restore some elasticity to the blood vessels and eventually reduce or get rid of redness. However, the treatment has to be very regular and carried out on daily basis. Usually some results are noticeable after few weeks of treatment, but real results will be achieved only after 4 to 6 months of daily use.

Gentle facial massage on daily basis is a must.


Use: Shake before each use. Apply a few drops to the face and gently massage the face using upward gentle strokes. Use at least once a day. Twice a day is better, morning and evening. Store away from sunlight. Do not get into eyes.

Ingredients: Organic arnica infused olive oil, organic argan oil, borage seed oil, grapeseed oil, essential oils of rose otto, chamomile roman, parsley, neroli, cypress, sandalwood, vitamin E. 

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